Mission/Vision Statement

Building relationships and inspiring intrinsic personal value are two key pillars of our mission. Everyone has a right to a sense of belonging and connection in as purposeful a way as possible with the world around us. 

As a Faith-Based agency, we are driven by the love for others. We strongly believe that the provision of families are the foundation and source of stability and support. Being a part of a family is an integral part of life. Families provide the opportunities and experiences needed for successful and independent living. 

Lifeway Services, LLC seeks to extend the foundation of the familial experience through supportive partnerships that advocate confidence, self-direction, and positive approaches to managing the diversities of life's challenges.

It is our goal to facilitate an environment that provides potential for growth, structure for healthy choices, and opportunity to develop lasting relationships that bring a deeper sense of meaning and purpose throughout the lifespan.

December 2016 ODP News.pdf