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Intellectual Disabilities Service Provider

Lifeway Services is a new Intellectual Disability Service Provider, licensed to offer Adult Residential & Community Habilitation within the state of Pennsylvania. Our Chief Executive Officer spent over 13 years serving at one of the largest state mental health institutions in the country. He has worked as a Supervising Registered Nurse, Risk Manager, Mentor, Training Coordinator, Health Services Specialist, and with the Standards and Compliance Department. He is also an educator and registered nurse.

Our Executive Director has spent over 5 years working directly with a diverse, community based contingency providing residential and behavior supports and services to persons with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. He has the passion, vitality, and skills necessary to meet with success, even the most challenging of circumstances in his field.

We are both acutely aware of the need to provide effective services to persons in a place where he or she can call home; in a community where he or she can explore, experience, and grow. We realize the need to develop a flexible and dynamic, positive system of approaches that envelops effective supports and services to persons with intellectual disabilities.

Even though we may not always be close geographically to your loved one's family and friends, we strive to extend the familial life in our homes, our professional environment, and in the community.

Our services are designed generally and tailored specifically to the needs of each person, which includes community residential and day support services. Our community residential habilitation options include single living in family homes, apartments, living with a roommate, and in duplex settings.

We seek to provide unwavering support to the whole team; including our client's family and the Supports Coordinator, with the goal of affecting the most positive outcomes as expressed in the Individual's Support Plan.

We embrace the underlying principles described in Everyday Lives that are designed to assist people to live their own lives. This often means understanding the kaleidoscope of personal needs through the rendering services provided. We seek to address the whole person with an emphasis of developing life skills needed such as utilizing personal assets through budgeting. This means we strive to facilitate personal responsibility, independence, and healthy living choices.

We train our management and staff to encourage these principles with the respect and honor to which every person is endowed. However challenging a situation may become, we know there are always better things just waiting around the corner.

Our goal is to help persons identify what they already have, to internalize and utilize their strengths, and to acquire any needed support that would further their personal growth. In a loving and supportive environment, achievements are attained, goals are realized, and meaningful life is experienced.

The owners of Lifeway Services want to grow; we want our employees to grow; and most of all, we want those we serve to grow. Join us, plant a seed, help us cultivate. You never know what may blossom.

With deepest regards,

Donald Kjellberg, Chief Executive Officer


Aaron B. Clyde, Executive Director

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